Sunday, February 24, 2019

Houston Rodeo Run 10k Race Report - 2019

My brother needed help moving his girlfriends couch and told me if I helped him he would pay for my entry to the Rodeo Run 10K. Free race SURE!!

Race report is down below but if you are more of a visual person check out my race video.

I've done this race before and it's been fun but that was a long time ago. The weather that day was pretty crappy. Somewhere in the uppers 60s, muggy, and humid. Definitely not the ideal race conditions. Not only was the weather crappy but the race also started pretty late with a start time of  9:20 am.

So as we waited for the race to start I found some coffee and sipped on that before the run as their was no water to be found at the runner staging area. Waited and waited until the race finally started at around 9:30 am.

First mile I went out with the energy of the crowd, weaving my way in and out in between all the runners and walkers. Got me a good 9:23 first mile. Which I knew I probably couldn't keep for the rest of the race. At this point I could tell I had some serious rubbing on both my feet was they got wet and things were slipping and sliding. I wear vibram five fingers and don't usually blister but today I did.

Mile 2 I slowed down a bit to 9:30's and decided to try to keep at 9:45 for the next 3 miles if I could. Things were getting hot so I removed my shirt to try to cool down. I'm a big dude at about 230ish pounds so keeping this machine cool is much needed.

Mile 3 I ended up slowing to about 9:53 but that was mainly due to the walking at the hydration stations. After that I decided to not walk when getting water. The overpasses and underpasses also were causing me to slow down a bit.

Mile 4 I kept the same pace at 9:53 just due to blister hurting and in my mind I was thinking I don't care how bad those blisters hurt I was going to push on and run.

Mile 5 I started speeding up when I looked down at my watch and saw that sub 1 hour was going to require me to go much faster than what I had been going. I video my races so I got a little distracted with that and wasn't focusing on my time. I bore down and starting concentrating on my breathing and form to push me to go faster.

Mile 6 I'm at the finishing chute and pushing my pace passing many runners and trying to get through all the 5k walkers as we combined at this point. I probably could have pushed a little harder but I ain't mad at my effort that day.

Finished with a time of 1:00:39 which was 40 seconds over my goal but I'm still happy with the time I got. It was warm and muggy so I'll use that as an excuse :)

Thanks for reading.

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