Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dallas Rock N Roll Half Marathon 2014 - Race Report

Ever since I ran the Gusher marathon 2 weeks ago I've been feeling really good. I didn't know exactly how good until I ran the Dallas Rock N Roll Half Marathon. Lets start from the beginning.

Team Chocolate Milk has been good to me and I'm so lucky I was also able to get my friends on the team as now whenever there is a race that is reachable by car we all make the journey to it. Y'all know I love me some chocolate milk as a recovery drink and also as a tasty treat but more on that later.

We arrived in Dallas on Friday and the forecast kept calling for rain over the weekend and we had a 30% chance of rain with some crazy winds predicted. So we were all very worried about that. On Saturday night my friend Angela set up a carbo loading dinner at Neo's pizza in downtown Dallas. It was a great time with some good friends and yummy pizza.

GoPRO Video:  You can read my race report or watch my videos of the race. Enjoy

Part I

Part II

Race day

Woke up at 4 am and got ourselves ready to head over to the race. The Dallas RnR marathon like most RnR races is a point to point race so we had to park at the finish line and shuttle ourselves to the start line. We were rushed because we all had to meet our fellow Got Chocolate Milk Teammates at the start line for a photo before hand. But we made it just in time.

After the Team Chocolate milk photo we got together with all the locals and Golden Triangle Strutters running the race and took a team pic with all of us! Again it's so great to be running these races with friends!

Miles 1 - 4

So we get our countdown and we are off to start our 13.1 mile journey through Dallas, Texas. The only problem was my watch never found signal so I had no idea my pace. I've run a few races without a watch and I was running with my GoPro so I would be taking it easy to record my experience. The problem with the GoPro was that the record button was acting finicky. I had to stop multiple times to take out the battery to stop recording and then try just about anything to get it to start recording. Like blowing on it (nintendo cartridge style), pressing the button a million times until it recorded, and lastly pure luck. To say I was fed up with electronics that day would be an understatement. The first 4 miles did go by well and I felt strong running through downtown.

Miles 5 - 9

Although my watch isn't working I can see my pace as I pass each mile marker and I'm seeing that I'm running in the low 9's which is pretty good for me. Especially considering I'm stopping multiple times to record the funny signs and try to get my GoPro to work. We make our way through some really nice neighborhoods and the route is hilly but its really not too bad especially with all the cheering from the crowds. I also notice the wind which was suppose to be horrible that day really wasn't anything more than a light breeze. Perfect running temps in my opinion.

Miles 10 - 11

Still feeling great as I'm still doing the stop and go method of running to take pics and mess with the GoPro.  At about mile 11 I catch up to my friend Tara and then to a 12 y/o kid named Julius. They are both struggling a little bit so I go into pacer mode to try to help them get to the finish line. Julius actually tells me that he's seen my past GoPro videos online so that was a pretty neat for me, knowing that people actually watch my running videos!! I told him that if he ran ahead of us, he could finish under 2 hours. He then sprints ahead and then tires out. When Tara and I catch up to him again, I tell him to stay with us.

Miles 12 - 13.1

Feeling it a little bit more as now I'm pacing my peeps to the finish line. We enter the fair grounds and I tell them that we have less than 9 minutes of running left. Right before the finish line the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders are there cheering. I wanted to get them in the video so I tell Tara to finish ahead of me so I can stop to record the cheerleaders. She finishes strong and after I get the cheerleaders on my GoPro I cross the finish line in 2:03:30!

Woah I almost broke 2 hours! Thats with me stopping 10 or more times during the race and doing a lot more interviews than I usually do. This was my best half marathon this year by about 10 minutes!  I definitely found my running mojo during that race and especially after my last marathon.

So whats with the Team REFUEL gear in all my pics? Well I'm a Team Chocolate Milk member and I truly love the stuff not only for my recovery but also as my every day beverage of choice when I'm looking for a tasty drink. The benefits of it for your after is for hydration, it gets that perfect carb/protein ratio back in ya to rebuild your muscles, replenish your nutrients and electrolytes, and it taste great. Team Chocolate Milk is the perfect team for me because I believe in its benefits and with my experience I've recovered much better after drinking low-fat chocolate milk right after my workouts. Join me on the team and apply here:

Thanks for reading my race report.

Did you run the RnR Dallas Half marathon? How'ed you do? Write me a comment below telling me about your race.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dallas Rock N Roll Half Marathon 2014 - Trailer preview

Had a great time in Dallas with friends and even managed to get some of my running mojo back. I felt strong literally the whole race and might have even come close to PR'ing if I didn't bring the GoPro out. I'll write a full race report in the coming days but for now enjoy the trailer footage that I made. :)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spree Sports Fitness Monitor: UNBOXING

Wearable technology is really the "it" thing for 2014 and the Spree Sports Fitness Monitor is unique because this is the first monitor to measure your body temperature along with your HR, distance, and pace. 

I'll be reviewing the Spree and should have my completed review out in the weeks to come. So subscribe to my blog so you can make sure you won't miss it. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I love my running group! We have a tradition where we try to make a fun video with the group during taper week. Since the Gusher Marathon is this week that means its crazy video week. My bro had an idea to make a video mimicking the NBA All-star Happy video. We videoed during the last 2 meetups and I think the video turned out really well. Taper madness has gone to our heads indeed and to our feet! Enjoy!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sugarland Half Marathon 2014

Signed up for this race a looooooooong time ago. They had a special for the first 200 runners and it was only like $30 to run so despite it being 6 days before my full marathon I signed up. Yes I am a sucker for a deal. Wanted to just take it easy and save my legs for the Gusher marathon so to insure that, I brought along my GoPro camera. Yes it's light but after 13.1 miles of carrying the GoPro it does get annoying and I definitely won't be carrying it during the Gusher marathon. 

Anyways, to the race! It was 75 degrees and 90% humidity to start. UGH! Conditions sucked and since I'm a big guy and overheat quickly it wasn't going to be such a great race for me and I knew it. My plan was to keep the pace from 10:45 - 11:00 pace for the whole race. The route takes you from the Sugarland town center down to a fancy neighborhood with some of the biggest mansions that I've ever seen where we do two loops and then head back to the town center to finish. There are not many spectators on the course but because its a loop you can cheer on your fellow runners and of course the volunteers are always cheering their hearts out for all the runners.

I finished in 2:24 which is right at at 10:59 pace so I was successful but it was suppose to be an easy 13.1 miles at an easy pace which it wasn't. I think a mixture of me riding 30 miles the day before, the heat, humidity, and poor nutrition on the run led me to have a tougher time than I should have had. I'll take it easy this next week and rest up the legs so I can have a successful Gusher marathon on Saturday.

My edited GoPro footage of the the Sugarland Half Marathon. 13.1 miles in 7 minutes. Enjoy!

Here's a trailer for the GoPro footage I took during the race. I should have the full thing edited some time next week. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Woodlands Marathon 2014

Both of my brothers were doing this race so I tagged along to spectate and volunteer. They ended up putting me on guard duty for corral A. I had to make sure that only the people with the bib number 859 and below made it into corral A.  After that I helped break down the starting line and picked up some garbage. It was good to be on the volunteer side for once to see how much volunteers really do and how integral they are to a races success. Once I was done with my volunteer duties I rode the course on my mountain bike to go find my two brothers.

Here's a video I made with my GoPro camera of the time I spent in the Woodlands this morning.

Tomorrow it's my turn when I go to Sugarland and run a half marathon there.  My plan is to keep it at a 10:30 - 10:45 pace to practice my pacing for the Gusher full marathon next week. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Leikr GPS watch - Unboxing

Received the Leikr GPS watch the other day for review on my blog. This watch was funded by Kickstarter and is out on the market for $329. In a market dominated by Garmin, Suunto and Polar the Leikr watch tries to squeeze in to this market. The trend right now in smart phones is to go bigger so why not do the same with GPS watches. The 2" screen is for sure one the biggest in the market right now.  I've run a two runs with it and I'll need some additional time with the watch before releasing my full review.

Here's an uboxing video I made.


  • It's has a 2” screen (2" TFT color 320×240 pixel 65K color with 11% reflectance) 
  • Wi-Fi connectivity - allows you to update the watch through any open network or your own secured network
  • Ant+ Accessory support - for your Heart rate monitor
  • Gorilla glass 
  • On Board Color Global Maps
  • More features can be found on the Leikr website.
Look for my full review in the coming weeks and if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section below.