Monday, November 30, 2020

I Reviewed 12 Amazon Massage guns - Which ones the best?

There are many massage guns out there at all different kinds of price points. Are they all the same? Does the 50 dollar massage gun cut it? The answer to that question is NO. You definitely get what you pay for.

There are 2 main things that differentiates massage guns and that is Power and Amplitude.

Power you can measure by stall force usually from 30 lbs all the way up to 70 lbs

Amplitude which is the distance the massage head will travel is usually from 8mm to 16mm.

The higher end massage guns usually have a high stall force and amplitude and the cheaper ones will be on the low end. 

I've reviewed 12 massage guns and in this blog I'll tell you which ones the best.

The links below are affiliated links so if you use them it won't cost you a thing but it will help support my efforts. 


Discontinued massage gun that wasn't that great


Super popular style of a massage gun but definitely not worth the coin. Hard pass on this gun


Amazons most reviewed massage gun but this one was more vibration than punch. 


Good massage gun but the price wasn't worth it.


For $99 this massage gun is worth a look at. 

7. FUSION X Use Gokurunnerten for $10 off

Heated massage head kicked this massage gun up the list.

6. FUSION FX Use Gokurunnerten for $10 off

Different modes along with the heat got this massage gun to #6

5. LIFEPRO SONIC Use Gokurunnerten for $10 off

Solid massage gun for about 100 bucks. Good stall force and 12 mm amplitude.


If this were a tad big bigger in amplitude I'd probably put this one at number one. You won't be disappointed by this mini massage gun as it does pack a punch. 


Strong powerful massage gun with 16 mm amplitude and 60 lbs of stall force. Solid especially at a pricepoint of $145


Use code "jeremy25" for $25 off

My discount code makes this a little cheaper but it still a bit pricy at $299. 

This one has the strongest stall force at 70 lbs. Powerful massage gun for sure


Use Gokurunnerten for $10 off

Solid massage gun with 16 mm and 60 lbs of stall force for $199

The compactness of the gun makes it worth the buy.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Black Friday and cyber weekend Deals for Runner's 2020

These are some of the deals that I found for Black Friday - Runner's Edition.

Also please make sure to check out your local running store to support them as well. 

This is the cheapest it's been since its released and they are some of my favorites Bluetooth earbuds. 

Dust proof, water proof, and you can literally drive over them with you car and they'll be good to go for your next run. 

They are having these sunnies for 40 percent off. If you like Goodrs check these out and in my opinion they are the better cheaper sunglasses 😎 

40 percent off means their already cheap sunglasses are now going for 12 to 20 bucks 
Great jump ropes and they have great black Friday deals but make sure also check the clearance section for some really great deals 😉 

The best headphones for runners safety. Bone conduction headphones have never been cheaper. From 79 bucks up 🎧 

If you hate foam rolling you won't with this awesome tool. Foam roll while standing up and get off that dirty ground. This is a must have for ultrarunners. 

Use discount code GokuRunner for $10 off the sports bundle. 
I love these shoes and their lugs. My fave is the Newton Distance 9s. Which normally runs for $160 are at $125 now 

Get steep discounts on the active noise cancelling truly wireless earbuds Jabra 75ts 

Once selling at $179 you can get yours for much cheaper. 

Great running watches and right now their Polar Vantage M is at the cheapest its ever been $160. With 30 hours on GPS on time this good looking watch will do you right. 

PromoCode GokuRunner ten for $10 off

They are having a bogo sale on some solid massage guns. Get one for yourself and another free for your loved one. 
Great little scale that connects with your phone and tells you exactly how much fat, muscle and your weight.

Use code BlackFriday30 for 30 percent off

You never know when you'll need it but it's good to know you'll have it if you do. For runners this is something that could potentially save your life by having all your important info on you at all times. Right now it's 20% OFF 
Socks? Yes runners love socks and feetures are some good ones especially at 20% off
Alltrails app - 50% off
This app will save you when you're out on a new trail or if you're visiting a new area you can find many new trails as well. 
They have some discounts on their watches. Check it out 

I've tested this treadmill and for those who want a treadmill to walk and jog on this is gonna be it. Use discount code gokurunnerten for $10 off 

Monday, September 28, 2020

Jaybird Vista - The in ear workout buds

The Vista brand is one that I've trusted for many years now. I think the first one's I got were the Jaybird X2's which I loved until Harvey flooded my car which had them in them and they stopped working. 

Fast forward a few years and I got myself the Jaybird Vista truly wireless earbuds. From day one they were great and in the following I'll list out my pro's and con's of them

  • Bluetooth 5.0 - The connection to my devices was great I could almost run a full 400 meter track with it not breaking up at all if I left my phone in the stands. THATS IMPRESSIVE!
  • Earbuds can be used independently - With each earbud containing their own bluetooth "antennae" these earbuds can be used independently of each other. Great for ultras where you want one ear exposed
  • Battery life - the battery life on these are about 6 hours but if you keep recharging them in the case you can get 30+ hours easily
  • Comfort - I've had these on for multiple hours and I do not get ear fatigued at all.
  • Sound - Some bluetooth earbuds can be lacking in the sound department but these are loud and bassy. With the jaybird app you can customize them even more to however you like them. 
  • Indestructible - these things can take a beating either with water or a physical pounding with its military grade rating. 
  • USB-C charger must only be charged with a low output voltage charger. Meaning you do not want to charge these with your fast charger usb plug or you may risk shorting out the system. (customer service was really easy to work with when replacing them for free)
So as you can see the pro's here definitely outweigh the con's. Overall these are a great pair of earbuds to get if you are looking to buy them for yourself or for others. 

Price: $179 
Buy them here Jaybird Vista

If you want to see my video review check out the vid below

Thursday, September 24, 2020

AchedAway Pro Review - Best massage gun

 I got this product for review from AchedAway and they sent me over their pro version that just came out.

I've reviewed maybe 7 or 8 massage guns so I know what to look for in massage gun.


One of those things is amplitude. The AchedAway Pro has a 16mm amplitude which is the most out of all the massage guns I've tested. Why is amplitude important? Well it makes the difference between a massage gun that feels more vibratory vs one that feels more punchy. This one definitely packs a punch!

The next thing that I look for in a massage gun is power and the way you find that out is by its stall force. The stall force on the AchedAway is 80 lbs which means you'll have a hard time trying to stop the massage gun if you press it against your body. 

Besides that you can find out my thoughts along with my pros/cons in the video below. 

Regularly it cost $299 but check out my discount code down below

I have a discount code that will get you $25 off the gun - JEREMY25

Purchase the AchedAway Pro here:

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Heated Massage gun REVIEW - FusionX massage gun

Massage guns are everywhere nowadays. If you look up one massage gun on google or youtube ads start popping up for all kinds of massage guns so it's tough to weed out the good from the bad. In this review I'll go over the pros and cons of the FusionX massage gun and let you know if its worth buying.


1.  Heated massage head - this massage gun has a heated massage head that heats up much faster and much hotter than their previous massage gun the fusionFX. It can reach temperatures of 100 - 130 degrees Celsius. Is it uncomfortably hot? No but it almost reaches that when first on but in my experience it does cool down after you use it a bit. 

2.  It's QUIET - Massage guns are no longer these jack hammer machines that burst your eardrums. It's just about as loud as a portable fridge that you would find in a dorm. Quiet is good for your relaxation. 

3.  Good battery life - It'll last you about 3-5 hours depending on usage.


1.  It's a little big - Bigger than other massage guns that I've used but it's most likely because it has that heating element. 
2.  Doesn't go deep - The amplitude of this massage gun is only 10 mm so while it does percuss it doesn't give a big punch. On high settings though your calves will feel it. 
3.  Price - May be a bit pricey for some but with the heating element and my promo code it can get more affordable. 

So what is that discount code? Just use "GOKURUNNERTEN" to get 10 bucks off the purchase of a FusionX Percussive massage gun. 

Here's a link to the lifepro website -

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

I'm a BibRave Creator - Sharing my discounts!

Alright so for those that didn't know, before I did YouTube, I was a pretty active blogger, well, semi active blogger. I wrote many race reports, reviews, and other blog post and then I found my love for videoing/editng and YouTube. Both of these let me explore my creative side.

Last month I applied to be a BibRave Pro which is pretty much an awesome community of runners that help promote races, running and running brands. Perfect fit right? Well the people over at BibRave pro thought so too! So I've been accepted as a BibRave pro ambassador as a part of their "creator" program which is more so for my videos on YouTube. This is a new program for them and I'm excited to learn and grow with them.

 So what does this mean for me? Well it means I get FREE RACES!!!!! Oh wait... COVID-19 well I will still get free races once they do come back but also free virtual races which I'll review on my blog or on my YouTube channel.  In these reviews I'll let you know all about the race from start to finish. BibRave is a race review website so it's great for those who travel to races or just want to know if a race is worth spending the moolah on.

Besides free races I will also be able to review cool running gear such as shoes, headphones, buffs, etc... While I already do this on my Youtube channel it is a lot of work to email companies to get product for review. It'll be good to have them do this for me and I'll get to pick and choose which product fits me and my viewers. Reviews are something that helps grow my channel and who doesn't like free stuff? This also means I get to share discount codes to both races and running gear with you which I'll list below.

So excited to be a part of the BibRave community as a BibRave pro!

BibRave Brand Discount Codes

BibRave is a running community that connects runners

with the best races. It's the place to research races

you’re considering signing up for, and a place to leave

feedback on races you’ve completed.

BibRave is also a way for races and running brands to

connect with socially savvy runners - through our

popular weekly Twitter chat, #BibChat, and our large

ambassador network - BibRave Pros.

The list below captures all of the current active BibRave

partner brand discount codes.

Use the codes below to receive discounts on products

from our partner brands.

Visit for more information and

contact with any questions!

BUFF - - sign up for newsletter &
get 15% off. 
Knockaround - Use code
BibRaveKnocks5 for 20% OFF
entire order (one use per customer). May 1-Aug 31
Extreme Fit Compression - -
Use code BRP20 - 20% OFF with a
minimum purchase of $50
MetCon® - - Use code Bibrave for 20%
off one time purchase or an
additional 20% off their first subscription order
- Use code BIBRAVE20 for 20% off Hydro Tablets. 
Body Helix - - Use code BR15 for 15% off any order of $35 (subtotal) or more. Expires Oct. 31, 2020

BibRave Race Discount Codes 

BibRave is a running community that connects runners
with the best races. It's the place to research races you’re
considering signing up for, and a place to leave feedback on
races you’ve completed. BibRave is also a way for
races and running brands to connect with socially savvy
runners - through our popular weekly Twitter chat,
#BibChat, and our large ambassador network - BibRave Pros.
The list below captures all of the current active BibRave partner
race discount codes.
Use the codes below to receive discounts on registration for
our partner races. Visit for
more information and contact with any

June 2020

6/8-9/7/2020 - California Coast 500 - VIRTUAL
Use code "BIBRAVE10" for 10% off

August 2020

8/8/2020 - IPA 10K - VIRTUAL
Use code "BRBEERRUN20" for 10% off IPA10k with

8/22/2020 - Madison Mini-Marathon Half Marathon & 5K
- Madison, WI
Use code "BIBRAVE10" for 10% off half & 5K

September 2020

9/4-9/6/2020 - San Francisco Giant Race - VIRTUAL
Use code  "GIANTS2020" for $10 off all events

9/19/2020 - Air Force Marathon - VIRTUAL
Use code “AFMBR20” for 10% off March 2 - May 3

October 2020

10/3/2020 - Freedom’s Run - Shepherdstown, WV
Use code  "BIBRAVE5" good for $5 off

10/4/2020 - Smuttynose Rockfest Half Marathon & 5K -
Hampton Beach, NH
Use code "SAVE10" for 10% off registration

10/16-18/2020 - Detroit Free Press/TCF Marathon -
Use code “BIBRAVEDET20” for 10% off

10/16-18/2020 - IMT Des Moines Marathon -
Des Moines, IA
Use code "BIBRAVE20" good for $10 off
10/17/2020 - Garmin Kansas City Marathon -
Kansas City, MO
Use code "BIBRAVE2020KCM" good for 15% off

10/17/2020 - Urban Bourbon Half Marathon presented
by Jim Beam - Louisville, KY
Use code "BOURBONRAVE2020" for 10% off

10/18/2020 - The East Bay 510K - Oakland, CA
Use code "BIBRAVE2020" for 10% off

10/31/2020 - HalloWine Run Half Marathon & 10K -
Geyserville, CA
Use code "HEALDSBR10" for 10% off registration 

November 2020

11/8/2020 - Honor Run Half Marathon - Florence, KY
Use code "HRBIBRAVE15" good for $15 off any event

11/21/2020 - Publix Savannah Women’s Half & 5K -
Savannah, GA
Use code “BIBRAVE” for 15% off

11/21/2020 - Santa Rosa Marathon - Santa Rosa, CA 
Use code “SAVE10” for 10% off 

11/26/2020 - North Shore Turkey Trot - Highland Park, IL
Use code  "BRNSTT20" for a FREE Chicago trucker hat

December 2020

12/5/2020 - Savannah Bridge Run - Savannah, GA
Use code “BIBRAVE2020” for 15% off

12/20/2020 - Mount Dora Half Marathon - Mount Dora, FL
Use code "BIBRAVE" for 10% off

January 2021

1/17/2021 - Marathon Bahamas - Nassau, Bahamas
Use code "MB21" good for $10 off. Effective until

March 2021

3/27/2021 - Publix Savannah Women’s Half & 5K -
Savannah, GA

Use code “BIBRAVE2021" for 10% off (active 6/11)